About Mehndi Seasons

Welcome to the world of Mehndi Seasons.
We specialise in intricate and beautiful bridal mehndi and monthly training sessions and coaching to teach the art of henna to others.

About Sunita

Hello! I’m Sunita – the driving force behind Mehndi Seasons and I’ve been passionate about henna since my teens. My mum (thankfully) pushed me to create my first bridal mehndi as a teen and from there I received plenty of requests to create henna designs, but always thought of it more as a hobby.

Since then, I’ve combined full time jobs with my henna passion, until 2015, when the demand and my passion for bridal mehndi could no longer fit alongside a job and it became my career focus. I’ve never looked back!

Since then, I’ve travelled to destination weddings to create bridal mehndi, I’ve attended ‘Spring Fling Henna Conference’ in San Francisco, and taught at the worlds largest henna conference ‘HennaCon’ in Los Angeles. I also collaborate with a team of henna specialists that I have either trained or experienced first hand. So you can be sure that whether you meet me or work with one of my extended team, you’re getting a premium experience from Mehndi Seasons.

Bridal Mehndi & Henna

As you’ll see from the gallery of captivating images, I am extremely passionate about henna and love to work with brides to incorporate specific features in their designs; whether animal, floral or even portraits of the bride and groom, which is hugely growing in popularity. I will take the time to chat with you before starting the work, giving you the opportunity to discuss how to personalise your henna.    

Booking your bridal mehndi with me doesn’t just mean you’ll have beautiful designs for your wedding; you’ll also have the expertise that comes from spending many hours in the company of brides and their families over many years. We will enjoy a window of time together to talk about your plans, to reflect on how you are feeling and to get some much needed relaxation before your wedding. It’s the perfect way to be prepared for your big day.

Although based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, I am available to travel anywhere, so just get in touch with your wedding date and location to find out more, or check out our Bridal page to read all about the experience!

henna powder

Shop Online With Mehndi Seasons

One of the things that makes Mehndi Seasons special is that all our own fresh henna products use only the highest quality ingredients and the most recent henna crop. The henna is mixed once a week usually on Sundays, so you can be sure that when you order Mehndi Seasons henna, you’re getting a fresh product that I am also proud to use on my own clients. The henna paste is available in a variety of scents and packages, plus a variety of tip sizes for you to design as bold or intricately as you desire. I have also designed Mehndi Seasons own range of henna artist resting cushions (also now known as the HARC), covered in striking fabric sourced ethically from India alongside the amazing Rajeshthani Sojat henna powder. Discover the henna oils, acrylic hand & foot practice templates range and more that I have created in our online shop to start your Mehndi Seasons henna journey.

Mehndi Seasons Training & Workshops

One of the things that I feel passionate about is using and sharing my skills to train others in the art of henna. I believe that everyone has their own unique style in henna, so the workshops are a way to bring out the unique creativity within you! All available event details are on the training page here, come and take a look, read more and maybe even book your place today!