Bridal Mehndi & Henna

No two weddings are ever the same, and no two henna designs are ever the same with Mehndi Seasons. Your design is personalised for you, by you, ready for your special day.

The Mehndi Seasons Experience

When you book your bridal mehndi, we discuss any details of your wedding week & timings so we can fit the best possible time to apply your bridal henna. Bridal henna can take anywhere from minimum 4/5 hours to 7/8+ hours depending on your chosen package. Morning starts are the most ideal for applying your bridal henna to allow the henna to sit on your skin for as long as possible without any disruption to allow the best results.   

It’s important we discuss your bridal henna design ideas, or you can share any inspiration if there’s a particular motif you’re looking to incorporate. I will then create something freehand after our discussion that will be personal to you and your taste. As an artist I love it when the bride gives me complete freedom to create something special for her. You can choose to have a bespoke design made prior to the henna application where a phone consultation takes place and I will draft a specific design that is approved by you.

To allow for the best henna stain to develop, I usually suggest booking in two or three days before your wedding. The henna used is prepared fresh for each client using only natural, quality ingredients to ensure the darkest stain results that can last anywhere up to two weeks.

Depending on the design style and coverage of the henna, it can take several hours to apply, during which time you’ll be able to relax. You’ll be sitting still for possibly the first time in weeks during the run up to your wedding so it’s perfect time to reflect on things, feel comfortable and have a bit of fun too. You won’t go hungry during the sitting, as you can get your nearest and dearest to feed you, it’s all part of the experience!

Once your henna application is complete, you’ll be fully prepped on the aftercare for your henna so it can look its best on your wedding day.

Sitting with a bride to create her bridal mehndi is always special. I love taking some time to understand your love story, your wedding theme or take a peak at your bridal outfit so I can include some of these elements into your bridal henna that will adorn you on your big day. The way I see it is that the henna may be temporary, but the memories from it (and the photos of it) last forever. 

Sometimes it’s just the bride and I during the henna application on our own. Often though, other family members are around to share their stories and it’s those moments that make the experience extra special. We’ve found it can be quite an emotional time for mothers, who often shed a tear when they see all the stories incorporated into the finished result!

It is a real privilege to be part of the build up to your special day and I hope you remember it forever.

I love sharing the pictures we receive from so many of our happy brides! You can see lots of current images shared on my Instagram page @mehndiseasons or check out our gallery page HERE

I have created so many different bridal henna designs over the years that include the bride’s wedding theme, the culture, favourite places, landscapes, animals, organic floral design, portrait figures, dieties and more. I love using traditional intricate designs against bold element that create a very eye-catching modern look.

Ultimately it all comes down to the skills used and the quality of the henna. I’m proud to say that I prepare all of my own henna paste and cones, so you can be assured that you’ll get the best results for your bridal mehndi.

Our Bridal Packages

Elegant Rani

  • Full hands - (1 inch above wrists)
  • Coverage also on back of hands
  • Tops of feet below ankles

Glamorous Rani

  • Full hands & arms midway to elbow - (3 inches above wrists)
  • Wrap around coverage
  • Tops of feet below ankles
  • Option to add more to feet 2 inch above ankles. Additional cost applies.

Traditional Rani

  • Full hands & arms below elbow
  • Wrap around coverage
  • Tops of feet below ankles
  • Option to add more to feet 2 inch above ankles. Additional cost applies.

Royal Rani

  • Full hands & arms 3 inches above elbow
  • Feet & legs 2 inches below knees

Bridal Henna Packages:

Minimum spend applies on bridal and guest henna for bookings outside of the West Yorkshire region. For all current package prices, please email providing your location and post code including the wedding date. Travel costs apply to all packages.

Please fill out the form below and provide details for more information and booking. 

Wrap Around Coverage

Massively trending across the UK currently where coverage on the arms wrap around to create a glove-like effect giving your bridal henna a very traditional & full coverage look for the wedding day.

Figure Work

For detailed figure work of the bride, groom or dieties please allow an additional cost per figure. (Simple profile heads of bride & groom are included in the price of the packages above).

Bespoke Design

We talk about your love story and create a bespoke bridal henna design. This includes a consultation and a design is created prior to you booking. Some figure work can be included in this option. Additional cost applies.

Destination Wedding

Do you dream of having the most exquisite bridal henna for your destination wedding? Sunita will travel to you to give you the best bridal henna experience leaving you with the most stunning bridal henna stains for your big day! Each design is individually crafted and personalised to your taste, the wedding theme, the outfit, and most importantly your love story!

Make each beautiful captured moment a perfect one!
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Please remember, for best henna stain results, henna must be applied at least two or three days prior to your wedding date.

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