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"Growing up, I remember catching glimpses of the beautiful henna being adorned by brides on their wedding day. I always remember feeling in awe of it. I was always drawn to this ancient art form. I never thought something that was once a hobby would blossom into a profession that I will always be so passionate about."

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"The Henna Flow Workshop has been absolutely amazing this year, for me it has given me more confidence and inspiration. I have met a wonderful bunch of people on the course who are all there for there for their own reasons, sharing their experiences and ideas with henna.
We have worked on different themes every month and I can assure you no henna session is the same. The buzz from hyper fixing last minute, Pam hopping away with one foot covered in henna, covering our arms in henna and getting to learn the henna lingo; it really is a worthwhile course. A massive thank you to Sunita @mehndiseasons for hosting the classes and giving me the confidence to keep doing what I love best… henna!"

Preet Panesar

(Henna Flow)

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