1 to 1 Online Workshops

Our 1 to 1 online training packages are designed completely around you, your experience and your learning objectives. They can be useful to henna artists of all levels and everyone who attends will receive a certificate of attendance by Mehndi Seasons.

For those interested in henna and mehndi design but want a more personal form of training, I also offer the below packages which I can provide on a 1 to 1 basis online. This also allows us to tailor the training package to your specific requirements. All workshops are £250 per day from 10am till 4pm. Dates can be booked based on our individual availability to suit both learner and trainer. You will receive a certificate of attendance from Mehndi Seasons.

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Henna Mixology

1 Day Course
£ 250
  • How to make your own natural henna paste
  • Henna safety
  • How to make henna cones
  • How to achieve the best henna stain

The Henna Basics

2 Day Course
£ 500
  • History of Henna
  • The building blocks of creating henna designs
  • How to create simple party designs
  • Mastering how to use the henna cone
  • Practice creating your own designs in henna
  • Hands-on help and guidance to perfect your skill & technique

Bridal Basics

3 Day Course
£ 750
  • How to create full bridal hands to wrists & feet designs
  • Using popular bridal motifs
  • Creating your signature style
  • Creating contrast and flow in your design
  • How to sit/position yourself during bridal bookings
  • Do's and don't during bridal bookings

Advance Bridal Techniques

3 Day Course
£ 750
  • How to create a full up to elbow bridal henna designs
  • Exploring different layout and placements
  • Changing motifs to keep your work looking fresh and new while maintaining your signature style
  • How to create a 'bridal wrap around' design
  • The key to creating momentum for more bridal henna bookings
  • How to set your pricing

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    Henna Mixology (1 day)The Henna Basics (2 days)Bridal Basics (3 days)Advance Bridal Techniques (3 days)