Henna Aftercare Sealant Spray (Bundle)


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The Henna Aftercare Sealant spray is perfect to use over your dried henna design. The henna application on the skin will stick on for longer without it crumbling away – allowing for better stain results. The sealant spray is like using the traditional method of sugar and lemon juice dabbing. You can either gently spray directly onto the henna, or if you prefer the traditional method you can spray onto a cotton wool ball and dab over the dried henna.

This bundle pack includes a variety of beautiful scents for you and your clients to enjoy.

Henna Sealant Spray bundle includes:

1 x 30ml Rose Water Sealant

1 x 30ml Lavender Water Sealant

1 x 30ml Orange Water Sealant

1 x 30ml Lemon Sealant

1 x 30ml Tea-Tree Water Sealant


Instructions for storage & directions are included on the bottle.

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