Hypafix Tape (1m x 10cm)


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Hypafix tape is a woven adhesive fabric that can be used to tape over dried on henna. The Hypafix tape makes it possible for you to move more freely after the henna application.

  • Latex Free.
  • 1 meter x 10cm roll.
  • Soft, flexible and breathable.


How to use:

  • Best used on larger parts of the body and great for bridals if needed to sleep over-night in henna.
  • It must only be used once the henna is completely dry.
  • Can be easily cut into small pieces to apply.
  • Important to not get the tape wet after application, as the henna design will smudge underneath.
  • Perfect for sealing henna on arms, hands, pregnant bellies, backs, shoulders, legs & torso.
  • Perfect to wrap your designs before bed-time to allow the best stain possible & avoid staining sheets.
  • Easy to remove. Can use oil to loosen the adhesive over any tough stuck-on areas.
  • DO NOT use henna sealant sprays along side the Hypafix tape. This is an alternative to the traditional lemon-sugar dabbing method.

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