Large Henna Cones – Single (20g)


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Freshly prepared with our own henna powder, these ready to use henna cones come bigger in size with 20g henna paste in each.
Choose your tip size and scent or try one of our mixed tip packs.

CLICK HERE to purchase our Signature Small 10g cones.

Ingredients: Mehndi Seasons triple-filtered henna powder, cajeput essential oil, lemon juice & sugar.

Size guide: Approx. 14.5cm long

Oils: Lavender oil cones are recommended for children under the age of 5, people with sensitive skin & pregnant ladies.

Allergy advise: These cones are NOT SUITABLE for people with CITRUS ALLERGIES. Please request for a special order without the use of lemon juice in the henna paste mix at the shop check out section under order notes.

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Please note: Henna cones & bulk henna paste orders must be placed before Saturday 7pm to ensure your order is dispatched for the following dispatch date which is typically Mondays. You can choose alternative dispatch dates up to 4 weeks in advance at checkout.

All other orders are dispatched throughout the week.

*Available for UK DISPATCH ONLY due to the perishable nature of henna.



Mehndi Seasons henna cones are hand made using the highest quality natural ingredients to ensure you get amazing henna stain results. The super smooth, creamy and stringy henna paste is made using Mehndi Seasons 100% pure & natural triple filtered Rajasthani henna powder (most recent crop), pure essential oils (aromatherapy quality), demerara sugar, lemon juice & water.
The henna paste is made fresh every week and always tested to ensure a dark, rich henna stain colour, perfect texture, consistency, and then finally filled into handmade cones.

 Fresh henna cones are available in ‘Signature Small 10g’ size & ‘Large 20g’ size.

Henna storage:
Henna is perishable and must be stored correctly for the best stain results.
When you receive the fresh henna cones through the post YOU MUST:
* Immediately refrigerate them and use them within 3-5 days.
* OR deep freeze them immediately for longer storage and use within 6 months.
(Full information about the storage and aftercare will be provided with your henna cones).

Henna tip size guide:
0.5mm – Largest tip size (Standard tip size perfect for beginners)
0.45mm – Medium tip size (A popular choice for bold/intricate work)
0.38mm – Small tip size (A popular choice for many bridal henna artist for intricate/bold work)
0.32mm – Super fine tip size (Perfect for very intricate detailed work, i.e. figure work)

Mix Pack:
The mix tip pack contains the following:
Small 10g – x2 0.5mm tip, x1 0.45mm tip, x1 0.38mm tip, x1 0.32mm tip

Large 20g – x1 0.5mm tip, x1 0.45mm tip, x1 0.38mm tip, x1 0.32mm tip

Important note about the Essential Oils:
Cajeput, Eucalyptus & Tri Blend henna cones are NOT SUITABLE for:
* Children under 5
* Very sensitive skin
* Pregnant ladies
If any of the above applies, please use Lavender oil henna cones.

Citrus Allergies: 
If you suffer from any known citrus allergies you cannot use these fresh henna cones as they all contain lemon juice.
We suggest you contact us requesting a special order for these. Any special made to order henna paste must be placed well in advance of the dispatch dates.

*Delivery information:
UK Mainland ONLY due to the perishable nature of natural henna.
Please see Delivery & Returns for more information.

Additional information

Weight 0.060 kg

Cajeput, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tri Blend

Tip Size

0.32mm, 0.38mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm, Mixed (4 cones)

7 reviews for Large Henna Cones – Single (20g)

  1. Ami Thakker (verified owner)

    Adore these cones! As a henna artist myself, I trust these cones to bring an incredible stain always.

  2. Aisha Suleman (verified owner)

    Love these cones. Although I usually prefer smaller cones, after trying these I’m not sure I will go back!

  3. Mariam khalifa (verified owner)

    My Absolutely favourite henna cones i have used till today and by far the best stain results xxx

  4. Uswah Ayyaz (verified owner)

    Amazing consistency and colour, I love these cones!

  5. Shumila Mohammed (verified owner)

    Conducted a patch test and the results were amazing after only keeping it on for 10 minutes!

  6. alishaali8085 (verified owner)

    Hands down the best mehndi cones I’ve used. After trying many different cones before I found these, i noticed they would always get stuck and wouldn’t flow smoothly. But these cones are a life saver. I’ve been using them for months and wouldn’t change for anything. Love it 10/10 Highly recommend these 🤌🏽

  7. Shumila Mohammed (verified owner)

    Amazing comes! Great consistency to work with allowing for fine detailed work. Honestly wouldn’t recommend any other cones

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