Henna Artist Resting Cushion (HARC)


  • Black-Gold Heart
  • Black-Gold Leaf
  • Black-Red Floral
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Red Mandala
  • Dark Rose Pink-Gold
  • Emerald-green
  • Gold
  • Green-Gold Heart
  • Green-Gold Leaf
  • Green-Gold Peacock-Elephant
  • Hot Pink-Gold Peacock-Elephant
  • Jhumka Black
  • Jhumka Gold
  • Jhumka Green
  • Jhumka Purple
  • Jhumka Yellow
  • Multi Colour Thread
  • Mustard Yellow-Violet
  • Navy Floral
  • Peacock Thread Multi
  • Purple Gold Feather
  • Purple Small Leaf
  • Purple-Gold Heart
  • Purple-Gold Peacock-Elephant
  • Red-Gold
  • Red-Gold Floral
  • Yellow Grid

Measurements: 3″ x 12″ x 16″
Cleverly designed resting cushion made of high density form. Perfect for henna artist to use as support during henna applications. Zipped cushion covers are washable and designed with a shoulder strap, an outer pocket, and available in various colours and designs.

Additional information

Weight0.500 kg

Black-Gold Heart, Black-Gold Leaf, Black-Gold Peacock-Elephant, Black-Red Floral, Dark Brown, Dark Red Mandala, Dark Rose Pink-Gold, Emerald-green, Gold, Green-Gold Heart, Green-Gold Leaf, Green-Gold Peacock-Elephant, Hot Pink-Gold Peacock-Elephant, Jhumka Black, Jhumka Gold, Jhumka Green, Jhumka Purple, Jhumka Yellow, Multi Colour Thread, Mustard Yellow-Violet, Navy Floral, Peacock Thread Multi, Purple Gold Feather, Purple Small Leaf, Purple-Gold Heart, Purple-Gold Peacock-Elephant, Red-Gold, Red-Gold Floral, Red-Gold Peacock-Elephant, Yellow Grid, Yellow-Gold


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